WeltschmerzSOLO ALBUM // 2020THE FINAL STUDIO ALBUM BY FISHOUT NOWBUY ALBUMIn September 2020, I released my final studio album ‘Weltschmerz’. It’s been over 5 years since I first came up with the title which is a German word that translates to ‘world weariness’ or ‘world pain’. In this present day and age never has an album title become so apt.The … Read More

A Feast of Consequences

A Feast of ConsequencesSOLO ALBUM // 2013A FEAST OF CONSEQUENCESSOLO ALBUM // 2013“I ended up in the Somme almost by accident as I was at a loss on what to do on my birthday. A good friend of mine, Simon Moston, a WW1 battlefield guide suggested I visit as I was in Paris after a Fishheads Club gig and had … Read More

13th Star

13th StarSOLO ALBUM // 20082023 REMIX13th StarSOLO ALBUM // 2008SHOP ’13th Star”13th Star’ was well received and seen as a return to form for Fish after a 3 year hiatus. The contributions of both Steve Vantsis and experienced producer Calum Malcolm were invaluable and the album declared a new era in Fish’s career. Always known as an artist who wears … Read More

Field of Crows

Field of CrowsSOLO ALBUM // 2004FIELD OF CROWSSOLO ALBUM // 2004Field of Crows is Fish’s eighth solo studio album since he left Marillion in 1988 and the first since Fellini Days (2001). SHOP ‘FIELD OF CROWS’1. The Field (8:42) 2. Moving Targets (5:46) 3. The Rookie (5:35) 4. Zoo Class (5:23) 5. The Lost Plot (5:10) 6. Old Crow (5:20) … Read More

Fellini Days

Fellini DaysSOLO ALBUM // 2001SHOP ‘FELLINI DAYS’1. 3D (9:11) 2. So Fellini (4:06) 3. Tiki 4 (7:32) 4. Long Cold Day (5:33) 5. Dancing In Fog (5:30) 6. Obligatory Ballad (5:15) 7. The Pilgrim’s Address (7:18) 8. Clock Moves Sideways (7:17) FELLINI DAYSSOLO ALBUM // 2001Fellini Days is Fish’s seventh solo studio album since he left Marillion in 1988 and … Read More

Raingods with Zippos

Raingods with ZipposSOLO ALBUM // 1999SHOP ‘RAINGODS WITH ZIPPOS’1. Tumbledown (5:52) 2. Mission Statement (4:00) 3. Incomplete (3:44) 4. Tilted Cross (4:19) 5. Faith Healer (5:01) 6. Rites of Passage (7:42) 7. Plague of Ghosts: – i) Old Haunts (3:13) – ii) Digging Deep (6:49) – iii) Chocolate Frogs (4:04) – iv) Waving at Stars (3:12) – v) Raingod’s Dancing … Read More

Sunsets on Empire

Sunsets on EmpireSOLO ALBUM // 1997SHOP ‘SUNSETS ON EMPIRE’ 1. The Perception of Johnny Punter (8:37) 2. Goldfish & Clowns (6:36) 3. Change Of Heart (3:41) 4. What Colour Is God? (5:50) 5. Tara (5:12) 6. Jungle Ride (7:34) 7. Worm In A Bottle (6:24) 8. Brother 52 (6:03) 9. Sunsets On Empire (6:54) 10. Say It With Flowers (4:15) … Read More


SuitsSOLO ALBUM // 1994SUITSSOLO ALBUM // 1994SHOP ‘SUITS’Suits (1994) is the fourth solo album by former Marillion singer Fish, and his third studio album with original material (discounting 1993’s cover project Songs from the Mirror). It is the first album to be released on Fish’s new own label, the Dick Bros Record Company, which he set up after being dropped … Read More

Songs from the Mirror

Songs from the MirrorSTUDIO ALBUM // 1993SHOP ‘SONGS FROM THE MIRROR’SONGS FROM THE MIRRORSTUDIO ALBUM // 1993Songs from the Mirror is the third solo album by Fish, released in 1993 as his final album for Polydor. It does not contain any original material; instead it is a cover album featuring Fish’s versions of songs by artists who inspired him before … Read More