Field of Crows

SOLO ALBUM // 2004


SOLO ALBUM // 2004

Field of Crows is Fish's eighth solo studio album since he left Marillion in 1988 and the first since Fellini Days (2001).


1. The Field (8:42)
2. Moving Targets (5:46)
3. The Rookie (5:35)
4. Zoo Class (5:23)
5. The Lost Plot (5:10)
6. Old Crow (5:20)
7. Numbers (5:36)
8. Exit Wound (5:55)
9. Innocent Party (7:37)
10. Shot The Craw (6:00)
11. Scattering Crows (Still Time) (5:05)

Recorded, Engineered and produced by Elliot Ness at The Studio, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. Mixed by Elliot Ness at Ca Va Studios, Glasgow, Scotland. Assistant engineer at Ca Va Studios - Geoff Allan. Mastered by Calum Malcolm.


A concept album based on Fish's dark, barbed vision of a long-forgotten battlefield, this is the record that sees him become an artist fully equipped for the modern age. Classic Rock Magazine

Fish is a wonderful front man, a superb singer and master songwriter. Be glad he's still around. Karl Wareham

Field of Crows - The Remasters

The 4th and latest release in the Fish remaster series 'Field of Crows' comes as 3 CD's in a hardback book with 48 pages of artwork all designed by Mark Wilkinson with rare photos and 8000 words of sleevenotes written by Fish.

CD1 is the original album written with main collaborator Bruce Watson (Big Country) remixed in 2015 by Chris Kimsey ( Marillion Misplaced Childhood, Clutching at Straws and Fish's solo album 'Internal Exile') CD2 and CD3 contain previously unavailable demos and live tracks all mastered by Calum Malcolm that make up the definitive version of this album.

If you're a Fish-ophile you'll relish swimming in the vast ocean of demos, instrumentals and live tracks that engorge these lovingly designed packages. Yet it's his intensity and his theatre that keep them aflame.”Prog Magazine