SOLO ALBUM // 1994


SOLO ALBUM // 1994


Suits (1994) is the fourth solo album by former Marillion singer Fish, and his third studio album with original material (discounting 1993's cover project Songs from the Mirror). It is the first album to be released on Fish's new own label, the Dick Bros Record Company, which he set up after being dropped by Polydor.

The album continues the cooperation with producer James Cassidy who had already produced Songs from the Mirror. Cassidy also contributed keyboards recordings and co-wrote five out of ten songs on the original version of this album. Together with keyboardist Foster Paterson, who had been part of the tour line-up since 1992 and co-wrote three tracks, Cassidy takes the role previously held by Mickey Simmonds. Further songwriting credits go to guitarist Robin Boult and bassist David Paton. The album took Fish the longest time yet to make, several songs on it had already premiered live in summer of 1992.

Despite the lack of major label support, it went to no. 18 on the UK Album Charts, doing better than both the 1991 album Internal Exile (#21) and Songs from the Mirror, which didn't chart. After Fish signed with Roadrunner Records in 1998, Suits was re-released on this label along with the other studio albums from the backcatalogue. The re-release contained two bonus tracks previously released as B-side of "Lady Let It Lie" and the double vinyl edition.

1. Mr. 1470 (6:06)
2. Lady Let It Lie (6:53)
3. Emperor's Song (6:18)
4. Fortunes of War (7:51)
5. Somebody Special (5:22)
6. No Dummy (6:16)
7. Pipeline (6:43)
8. Black Canal (8:27)
9. Out Of My Life (3:43)
10. Jumpsuit City (6:49)
11. Bandwagon (5:07)
12. Raw Meat (7:20)

Produced by James Cassidy Recorded and mixed at Funny Farm Recording Studios, Haddington, nr Edinburgh All tracks published by Fishy Music Ltd / Copyright Control All lyrics Derek W Dick Cover illustration Mark & Julie Wilkinson from concept by Fish Label Manager Robin Ayling Buttons taken from 'The Book Of Buttons' by J. Whittemore / Dorling Kindersley Sleeve design Dream Disc 'Sound Station' digital editor supplied by Digital Audio Research and Francinstien Stereo Enhancement System Copyright in this recording belongs exclusively to the Dick Bros Record Company, 1994 This album is dedicated to Willie, Johnnie and Robbie


Originally released in 1994, Fish’s fourth solo album ‘Suits’ was produced by James Cassidy and features the singles ‘Lady Let It Lie’ and ‘Fortunes of War’.

This 3CD remaster is mastered by Calum Malcolm; and comes in a 48 pages hardback book designed by Mark Wilkinson and over 8000 words of sleeve notes by Fish.