Raingods with Zippos

SOLO ALBUM // 1999

1. Tumbledown (5:52)
2. Mission Statement (4:00)
3. Incomplete (3:44)
4. Tilted Cross (4:19)
5. Faith Healer (5:01)
6. Rites of Passage (7:42)
7. Plague of Ghosts:
- i) Old Haunts (3:13)
- ii) Digging Deep (6:49)
- iii) Chocolate Frogs (4:04)
- iv) Waving at Stars (3:12)
- v) Raingod's Dancing (4:16)
- vi) Wake-up Call (Make It Happen) (3:32)


SOLO ALBUM // 1999

Raingods with Zippos is a 1999 progressive rock album by ex-Marillion vocalist Fish. It was released on the Roadrunner record label, more well-known for its heavy metal releases. Raingods with Zippos is often hailed as one of Fish's greatest solo achievements along with his 1990 debut Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors.

It is the first of three Fish albums to be produced by Elliot Ness (not including the "best of" collection Kettle of Fish from 1998, with which Ness was involved). While he was not involved with the production of this album, Steven Wilson, most famous for his work with Porcupine Tree, played guitar on several of the tracks.


"Fish has delivered an album sure to please old fans and capable of winning new converts with some of the most satisfying work of his career" AllMusic

"You can't brush him under the carpet and you can't even hide the big bastard under the stairs! Absolutely bloody brilliant!" Front Magazine

Elliot Ness - Engineer, Producer, Programming, String Arrangements, Strings Calum Malcolm - Mastering, Mixing Dave Axtell - Artwork, Cover Design David Darling - Photography Mark Wilkinson - Artwork, Cover Design, Cover Illustration, Illustrations

Raingods with Zippos - The Remastered Edition

Originally released in 1998, Raingods with Zippos features a variety of co-writers from Mickey Simmonds and Elisabeth Troy, Rick Astley, plus others Fish met during a writing retreat at Miles Copeland’s Chateau Marouatte.

It includes the 25-minute epic fan-favourite Plague of Ghosts written with keyboard player Tony Turrell; delivering a dramatic and engaging suite of songs.

This 3CD remaster is mastered by Calum Malcolm; and comes in a 48 pages hardback book designed by Mark Wilkinson and over 8000 words of sleeve notes by Fish.

“Raingods with Zippos startlingly blending melody and mood with that flair for drama at which Fish excels. Fish possibly hasn't been given due credit for his ambition and diverse sonic palettes.

If you're a Fish-ophile you'll relish swimming in the vast ocean of demos, instrumentals and live tracks that engorge these lovingly designed packages. Yet it's his intensity and his theatre that keep them aflame.”Prog Magazine


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