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Marillion released its studio album debut, Script for a Jester’s Tear, in March 1983. The record was certified platinum in the band’s native U.K. where it reached number seven on the Albums Chart and spawned two Top 40 singles: “He Knows You Know” (#35) and “Garden Party” (#16). Rhino will shine a spotlight on this neo-progressive favorite on April 3 with two … Read More

‘Weltschmerz’ update and tour news


The New Year started as the last decade ended with a flurry of studio activity. John Mitchell was up at the start of the week finishing the guitar parts and contributing to the final song to be written the album. I’d been struggling with the original concept/ story behind ‘Market garden’ as it crossed too much with images I’d used … Read More

‘Weltschmerz’ recording sessions – First day with Craig Blundell


And so it begins. First day of ‘Weltschmerz’ recording and Craig Blundell joins us in the Studio to work on the drum tracks. Hugely productive day with Calum Malcolm and Steve at the ‘coalface’. We’d met up with Craig when he was playing with Steve Hackett in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago, sent him the tracks and he arrived … Read More

SAS Guidford show Dec 7th


There’s an impressive line up for the Guildford Show on December 7th. Ticket details are on the SAS website and at Guildford G Live.

SAS band – 25 Riff tour 7th December Guildford


I’ll be back with the SAS band for a special night on the ’25 Riff tour’ at the G Live in Guildford on Saturday December 7th. I’ll be joining Madelleine Bell, Chris Thompson, Tom Robinson and a lot of other special guests and old friends on what is the 25th anniversary of the band and last night of the tour. … Read More

Weltschmerz – The writing on the wall


The board in the Studio control room is starting to fill up and I’m pleased that the ticks indicating ‘completed’ new songs are following the titles. Robin Boult was up for a few days last week adding his thoughts and content to the material that Steve Vantsis and I have been working on and developing and we now have 3 … Read More

Bonn Prog Fest ‘A Sair Fecht’


Back from Bonn and into the Studio writing sessions with Steve V for another creative head to head. Not a bad start as we built the skeleton of another new tune ‘The Grace of God’ which was born from an idea originally named ‘Scanner Song’. I was glad to get things off and running again as it had been a … Read More