All vinyl box set pre-orders are now shipped!

21 December 2023

All the UK preorders for the ‘Feast of Consequences’ and ’13th Star’ vinyl box sets are now out the door and on Santa’s sleigh. A chance to breath and start preparing for our own Christmas.

The stress of erecting a (nearly) straight tree ( so close dammit) which is our last one here at the Studio will soon be quelled by a few glasses of Savvy and like us it can relax and prepare for the decorations later. We are so late as always and while Simone deploys her creative skills I’ll be scribbling Christmas cards that as usual will arrive later than planned.

Every year it’s the same and either a come down off tour or a last minute mail out frenzy gets in the way of that gentle festive curve.

I’m just so glad we at least got the UK preorders out but would have been happier if we had that extra week of pressing earlier to catch the European fans. Seabass have done an incredible job getting a vinyl pressing plant up and running in so short a time and then assassinating tribes of gremlins in the middle of fulfilling everything they could to us. I can’t thank them enough for their dedication to making this happen.

Going by comments already everyone is appreciating the quality and the sounds from the vinyl and it has been genuinely worth the wait. I’ll be playing some tracks tomorrow on Fish on Friday and it’s going to be a good feeling having a fully garlanded Christmas tree on set behind me this week.

Rather than repeat what I wrote yesterday if you’re wondering whats happening with the rest of the orders and an update on everything read yesterday’s post or visit the website I’ll be back tomorrow but for tonight my wife and I are chilling¬†

Thanks again for all your support and all your patience

take care