An update on the new vinyl box sets – 20th December 2023

20 December 2023

All the UK pre orders for both the ‘A Feast of Consequences’ vinyl box set and all the UK pre orders for ’13th Star’ vinyl box set apart from 30 going tomorrow have been sent out as of today (Wednesday 20th December). Despite glitches and gremlins down the road in Macmerry the Seabass folks have done an extraordinary job shuttling box sets to us to get them signed and sent out to the UK to hit the last post before Christmas.

We had to concentrate on the UK orders as for the Europeans who had ordered from us and the Rest of the World orders the final guaranteed delivery dates had gone and we decided to hold off sending rather than post out and have them get caught up in mailroom mountains that build at this time of the year.

Simone did an incredible job pulling this all together and making sure everything has gone out and on time. Believe me this was an amazing piece of coordination and a supreme effort on her behalf managing all the packaging and processing on her own as her husband scribbled away on the other side of the table. I’m so proud of her and she deserves every accolade in the book.

There’s still a lot to do as orders have been flying in since people became aware the box sets were now finally here and on sale but we are not processing any more orders until the 5th of January when the next postal pick ups come back into play.

This gives the Seabass vinyl team breathing space to press more vinyl and package box sets so we can fulfill all the outstanding orders as soon as we start again on the 5th January.

The shop is being kept open but orders will not be processed till then.

We know that those of you who will be getting your box sets in the next day or so will be spreading the news and I know there are a lot of people who held off ordering to make sure this vinyl box set actually happened this time after the extreme disappointment in the Summer. With that in mind and with the box sets being limited editions we decided to keep the shop open for advance ordering for delivery in January as the reviews and the new adverts in Classic Rock and Prog Magazine are going to generate a lot of interest.

The vinyl discs are being sent out to the company in Holland who run and they will have their box sets ready to go out in January at the same time as we start processing again sold out of the ’13th Star’ deluxe CD/Blu ray editions a week ago and they now have them up for preorder on their site as we are sending over more to them to fulfill in January at the same time as they will be sending out their own preorders for the vinyl box sets.

Numbers on the ’13th Star’ deluxe CD/Blu-ray sets are getting low here and once they are gone we are unsure of another production run as we will be concentrating on the ‘Vigil’ and ‘Internal’ remixes/ remaster deluxe sets and vinyls next year . If you’ve not got it already I suggest that if you do want a copy you order soon to avoid missing out.

The new vinyls sound incredible and I’m looking forward to hearing feedback on what you think of the quality that Seabass have produced at Scotland’s first ever pressing plant.

Remember that the shop is open across the holidays but orders are not being processed until the 5th January.

Please don’t e-mail over the holiday period asking where your order is or when it’s being sent out as we won’t be able to give you any updates. Once orders are processed you will receive an email with confirmations and tracking details.

Once again a huge thanks to Simone for making this all happen as we had hoped although we do have to apologise to European fans who ordered from here who won’t get their packages till January. We tried our best but it was a bridge too far with the gremlins abounding in the first week of the pressing plant opening up.
And now we can finally get the Christmas tree up in the Studio and relax just a little in the run up to the holidays. There may be no packing and sending but I have a volume of sleeve notes to write for two projects, demos and live material to check and a garden that needs some very serious tending. Add to that a tour set up and a croft that’s still being built and it’s not exactly going to be quiet.

For now it’s a deep breath and a glass of wine in front of the fire until tomorrow. There’s still 30 more box sets to sign and get out first thing tomorrow morning once the Seabass Santa arrives.

Thanks for all your support on these box sets. It’s sincerely and hugely appreciated after such a long wait and so much disappointment back in the summer. It was a great feeling to finally pull this off.

We really hope you enjoy what we have put together.

Take care
Fish and Simone