Fish x Seabass Vinyl

13 December 2023

Hi all, apologies for the silence but it’s been particularly full on here in the last few days as we tried to get to grips with the vinyl issue. After a few glitches and gremlins since last weekend Seabass are pressing the vinyl for the ’13th Star’and ‘Feast Of Consequences’ box sets as I type and they will be arriving here Friday night to be sorted and all posted out next Monday/ Tuesday so that they arrive in time for Christmas!

The albums sound incredible but the presses over at Macmerry had a couple of small issues that were leaving audible ‘ticks’ on the run in and run out on the discs. It took a few days to determine what was causing them and as you can see from the video the quality control at Seabass is second to none and as the first pressings the discs had to be perfect.

It’s all sorted now and I acknowledge it’s 5 days later than we had all hoped to have the albums out. Don’t worry they are still well in the window for the Xmas post and all the orders will be on their way to you next Monday. Please don’t write in asking when they have been sent as we are now totally focused on getting the albums out to you and answering mails eats into Simone’s mailroom time.

Enjoy the video and I think you will appreciate exactly what goes into creating vinyl records and the meticulous process that is behind delivering real quality product that both David and Dominique Harvey and the team at Seabass vinyl pride themselves on and we here at fish music want to deliver to you

Apologies again for the silence and the slight delay but we are back on track and in the groove in every sense

Take care

Fish and Simone