‘Fish on Saturday’ Prize Draw!

24 February 2023

On Saturday April 8th Simone and I decided we would open the doors for two people to visit us here at The Studio and be part of a special ‘Fish on Saturday show. They will be shown round the Funny Farm Kitchen Garden in the afternoon and then after show have dinner cooked by Simone and eat with us here before heading back to local accommodation that we will provide on the Saturday night.

We appreciate that it is geographically impossible, financially unfeasible or just plain difficult for some people to get here on April 8th so there will be two prizes with an alternative prize to make up for the visit.

If you’re name is picked out first and you can’t make it here on April 8th you will get a personal video call from me for an hour on a time and date of you’re choosing, a box of goodies and dedicated signed copies of white album first pressings from the limited edition ‘Feast of Consequences’ and ‘13th Star’ triple album vinyl box sets.

If the first person drawn can’t make it there will be another draw for the ‘Fish on Saturday’ visit and the first person from the second draw who can make it up to East Lothian will be here with us on April 8th. (Sorry but there’s only one alternative prize on offer).

The winner can bring a partner or friend to join them and it will be up to them to arrange and pay for their travel arrangements to get here. We will pay for local accommodation for them both on April 8th.

To enter the draw all you have to do is sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you up to date with all the new releases this year and with tour news for the 2024 Farewell Tour.

The draw will take place live on the March 17th ‘Fish on Friday’ with winners contacted over that weekend.