The Last Straw Live in Glasgow 2018

LIVE ALBUM // 2022
  • DISC 1
    01 Slàinte Mhath 6.23
    02 Man With A Stick 6:43 
    03 Hotel Hobbies 4.45 
    04 Warm Wet Circles 4.34 
    05 That Time of the Night 6.39
    06 Little Man What Now 10:10 
    07 Torch Song 4:06 
    08 White Russian 6:54

  • DISC 2
    01 Just For The Record 5.12
    02 C Song 10.57 
    03 Going Under 3.50
    04 Sugar Mice 7.02 
    05 Waverley Steps 13:55 
    06 The Last Straw 8.50 
    07 Tux On 5:24
    08 Incommunicado 6.29

The Last Straw: Live in Glasgow 2018

LIVE ALBUM // 2022

The final farewell performances of the seminal Marillion album 'Clutching At Straws' by Fish on the 30th anniversary of it's release. Taken from shows on the hugely successful and acclaimed tour.

Mixed and produced by Steve Vantsis and mastered by Calum Malcolm this double CD features the entire performance of the ‘Clutching at Straws’ album, Fish’s last with his former band ‘Marillion’ and acknowledged as his favourite of that period in his career.

‘The Last Straw’ also features the debut performances of 4 of the songs from his latest album ‘Weltschmerz’ including the award winning ‘Man with a Stick’ and the epic ‘Waverley Steps’. As well as the two CD’s there is a bonus DVD featuring the entire performance from Cropredy Festival on 10 th August 2018.

Filmed from on stage cameras and with audio processed by Steve Vantsis and mastered by Calum Malcolm this is an earlier open air setlist and has John Beck on keyboards. He would be replaced on the main European Tour by Foss Paterson.

Fish - Vocals Robin Boult - Guitars John Beck - Keyboards Steve Vantsis - Bass Gavin Griffiths - drums