‘A Feast of Consequences’ & ’13th Star’ deluxe vinyl boxsets now available to order, with new high quality pressings by Seabass Vinyl

30 October 2023

I’m pleased to announce that after so many delays and disappointments that the ‘13th Star’ and ‘A Feast of Consequences’ triple vinyl box sets so eagerly anticipated by fans are now available for pre-order, for release on 11th December 2023.

These box sets had originally been put together at the beginning of 2023 with a release set for early June. On receiving the first samples from my suppliers I was dismayed to discover faults with the vinyl pressing and had no other option but to reject them as they weren’t of the quality that I could expect customers to accept. I was faced with repressing through the original manufacturers or finding another solution.

The actual boxes with the inner sleeves and the large 12” booklet insert were perfect, and I wanted to find a way to save and use them rather than have them destroyed with the faulty vinyl. I had lost confidence in the original pressing plant and after discussion with my suppliers I agreed to take on the packaging and find another company to press and replace the vinyl albums.

I admit it was a daunting task and in June when the release was cancelled, and all the preorders repaid to fans who had been waiting for months I wasn’t sure if I was making the correct decision. By sheer coincidence and only a few days after I had agreed to buy the now empty box sets I was sent an article in the newspapers about the opening of Scotland’s first ever vinyl pressing plant. To my surprise the plant was in Macmerry in East Lothian, only 5 minutes’ drive from my studio and to add to the incredible synchronicity the company was called ‘Seabass Vinyl’. The timing was perfect.

I immediately contacted the owners David and Dominique Harvey and David came to meet Calum Malcolm, my producer and I at the Studio to talk through possibilities only a couple of days later. It was a match made in heaven as David explained they were opening for business that November and that I would be the first artist to use their services.

As a small independent operation specialising in high quality vinyl pressings and offering low number runs but with the capacity to take on bigger numbers it was exactly what I had been looking for over. a very long time and opens up the doors to releasing the rest of my solo catalogue on vinyl in the coming year.

It was obvious David has a passion for music and a serious commitment to delivering the superior quality I needed and what fans expect. Calum and I were incredibly impressed and we agreed to set things in motion.

Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering, Air Studios is once again mastering the ‘13th Star’ and ‘A Feast of Consequences’ studio albums at half speed to provide exceptional quality and David will be pressing the titles in late November for delivery to from the 11th of December so we can get them out to fans before Christmas.

The albums will be pressed at Seabass Vinyl and they will be packing the new records in waxed sleeves which will be added to the respective box sets which contain 3 alternative printed inner sleeves and the booklets. This gives fans a choice on how to keep them, either in the printed colour sleeves or the waxed sleeves to avoid any possibilities of damage.

You can find more about Seabass Vinyl at their website, link below. I am sure you’ll be highly impressed and understand completely why we are now working together.

I’ve not been able to announce anything previously as David had to make sure everything was in place at the pressing plant and that I had everything sorted on my side. We are both really excited that it’s all now happening and that we have these debut releases firmly in the schedule.

I’ve been able to drop the prices on these “new” releases and both the ‘13th Star’ and the ‘Feast of Consequences’ box sets are now only £49.99 each plus VAT and postage. There is a personalised autograph option available for an extra cost and ‘happy Xmas’ messages can be added in that if you specifically ask for them in your order.

These are both strictly limited edition releases with only 3500 ‘13th Star’ and 2500 ‘A Feast of Consequences‘ box sets available exclusively through www.fishmusic.scot or www.fishmusic.eu

I regret that the autographed versions are only available from fishmusic.scot because of customs complexities with fishmusic.eu orders.

With the limitations of Christmas postal dates if you want them for Christmas I urge you to preorder early as all the packages will be sent out on a first come first served basis and Simone and I will be doing our utmost best as always in the run up to the holidays to make sure they go out as quickly as possible.

After all the previous disappointments with these releases we hope you will appreciate our efforts at bringing this all together and finally making these titles available with the help of Seabass Vinyl.

Thanks for all your patience and your continued support,

All the best,

Fish and Simone