The Moveable Feast, European Tour Autumn 2013


Just announced , the September/October/November 2013 tour dates.               

Apart from 4 or so more dates to be added to make up our journey back to the UK and the drop of at home this is the only touring this year and the last touring of this consecutive nature for a while. Please don’t ask “if we can play here/there” or “why aren’t we playing here/there ?”, these are the dates Yatta has managed to put together.If your city isn’t on the list then – we didn’t get an offer from a promoter/ it didn’t fit in with the complex routing required to make sense of the tour or there was an offer but it didn’t cover what we needed to make sense of the budget we needed.I hope we have managed to satisfy most of you. It’s a major undertaking and any support you can provide through spreading the word or promoting locally is most welcome.

I’m sorry to say there are no plans for a North American tour due to economic restraints/ lack of serious offers/ bureaucracy/ visa issues etc etc. It’s impossible to consider at this present moment and is not foreseeable in the near future.I would love to come over to play but it’s just not feasible 🙁 As for South America I have also not received any serious offers we can consider to put together a tour that makes sense to everyone involved. As the visa situation and the bureaucracy is a lot easier to deal with there may be a chance early next Spring but at the moment there is nothing on the table . 🙁