Gardeners Almanac Part 1


Seeking out the positive just now and preparing to sow the seed of fresh beginnings.The puzzling mosaic of garden planning. Waiting on a thaw and a few more degrees on a thermometer. Needing to refocus and become creatively distracted


20 different types of tomatoes and only so much room in the greenhouse. Decided on 35cm pots rather than grow bags this year but which of these get the heads up? A few destined for outdoor living and there’s obvious contenders for the indoor beds but the staging contestants are a quandary. So much to choose from.



And finally the other members of the team. The chillis and peppers. Upping them to 30cm pots this year as a bit congested last season. Seed saved from the best performers but new guys on the block this year. Reckon on having at least 20-30 residents to look after in the ‘orangery’ but as always I’ll probably over sow. The new propagator is ready and waiting but patience is a virtue and the fan heater can only do so much if there’s a deep freeze hits ‘the shire’. It’s refreshing and invigorating building up some ‘green steam’ in my head just now and thawing out the imagination. The green house always was a writing sanctuary and it’ll be good to get some sounds around me while I potter and plan.