Cranking up the Volume – Audio Elevation


For the last week I’ve been revelling in having great sounds back in the Studio thanks to Darren at Audio Elevation and Mike and Phil at Connected Distribution.When they heard my old Quad system had given up the ghost and that I was looking for a change the guys got in touch and offered me the Parasound Halo integrated amplifier and a Heed Obelisk DT CD player and duly delivered them last week to tie in with the new KEF Q950 speakers that had arrived over the holidays from my mate Ron Locke. I have to say it felt like Christmas all over again.

The system is quite honestly superb and for the first time in ages the TV was turned off and I settled into the couch and waded through my collection of sounds both on CD and vinyl as the Thorens deck was sent spinning.

The definition and response even at low levels is magnificent and even Steve Vantsis, who arrived at the Studio on Saturday for writing sessions was blown away. Not quite as much as the neighbours who had to endure a full playback of ”Quadophenia’ at ear blistering levels around midnight.(I look on it as a ‘pre emptive strike’ as the demolition of the ‘ruin’ next door starts today )

The KEFS had been ‘run in’ all week so were ready to be racked up to 11 and the Halo amp stayed the course and drove them up without even a hint of distrortion. At peak volumes the clarity and definition was still there and the sound was so clean it was like being at a gig with all the added ‘oomph’ factor.

It wasn’t all volume and we ran through the collection. Joni Mitchell, Blood Sweat and Tears with full orchestra and brass sections, Radiohead, Nick Drake, Floyd’s ‘Final Cut’, Genesis ‘Duke’, Steely Dan and of course ‘Feast of Consequences’ all had their turn amongst others I have wine hazed recollections of! It was like rediscovering music all over again and we heard things in the mix I’d never noticed before.

It was the perfect start to the writing sessions and positively inspiring.

My step son wasn’t quite as impressed and hid in his room as the grown ups played music ‘waaaay’ too loud. Apologies over the breakfast table next morning.

It’s great to have sounds around again. Thanks again to Darren Moore ,Phil Hansen, Mike Bonnette and Ron Locke for sorting me out and for setting up the gear. Great company on the day and a whole new learning curve on Hi Fi.