Script For A Jester’s Tear Deluxe Edition (4LP Vinyl Set)


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Marillion released its studio album debut, Script for a Jester’s Tear, in March 1983. The record was certified platinum in the band’s native U.K. where it reached number seven on the Albums Chart and spawned two Top 40 singles: “He Knows You Know” (#35) and “Garden Party” (#16).

Rhino will shine a spotlight on this neo-progressive favorite on April 3 with two versions of SCRIPT FOR A JESTER’S TEAR: DELUXE EDITION. The first is a 4CD/Blu-ray set, and the other is a 4LP collection. The music will also be available the same day through digital and streaming services.

Originally produced by Nick Tauber, Script for a Jester’s Tear is the only Marillion album to feature Fish (vocals), Steve Rothery (guitar), Pete Trewavas (bass), Mark Kelly (keyboards) and Mick Pointer (drums).

Both DELUXE EDITIONS open with a newly remixed stereo version of Script for a Jester’s Tear by Andy Bradfield and Avril MackintoshIn addition, the collections also feature new stereo remixes for the b-side “Charting The Single” that was released in January 1982, as well as the Market Square Heroes EP that followed in October that same year.

Both versions also include the debut of a previously unreleased concert that captures Marillion performing in London at the Marquee Club on December 29, 1982. Recorded a few months before Script for a Jester’s Tear was released, the show features live versions of all six album tracks: “He Knows You Know,” “The Web,” “Garden Party,” “Chelsea Monday,” “Forgotten Sons” and the title track.

The concert also features performances of non-album tracks like “Three Boats Down From The Candy” and the 19-minute epic “Grendel” from the Market Square Heroes EP. A live version of “Margaret” is also included. A different version of that song appeared in June 1983 as the b-side for the “Garden Party” single.

The Blu-ray features 96k/24-bit versions of the new stereo remixes for Script for a Jester’s Tear and the Market Square Heroes EP, as well as the Live at the Marquee Club concert. The disc also includes a 5.1 Surround Remix of Script for a Jester’s Tear. Rounding out the collection is a new documentary with band interviews that covers the 1979 formation of Marillion in Aylesbury through the release of Script for a Jester’s Tear in 1983.


4LP Track Listing

LP One: Script For A Jester’s Tear (2020 Stereo Remix)

Side A

  1. “Script For A Jester’s Tear”
  2. “He Knows You Know”
  3. “The Web”

Side B

  1. “Garden Party”
  2. “Chelsea Monday”
  3. “Forgotten Sons”

LP Two: Market Square Heroes EP (2020 Stereo Remix)

Side C

  1. “Market Square Heroes”
  2. “Three Boats Down From The Candy”

Bonus Track

  1. “Charting The Single” – 2020 Remaster

Side D

  1. “Grendel”

LP Three: Live at the Marquee Club, London (12/29/82)

Side E

  1. “Garden Party” *
  2. “Three Boats Down From The Candy” *
  3. “Chelsea Monday” *

Side F

  1. “Grendel” *
  2. “He Knows You Know” *

LP Four: Live at the Marquee Club, London (12/29/82)

Side G

  1. “The Web” *
  2. “Script For A Jesters Tear” *\

Side H

  1. “Forgotten Sons” *
  2. “Market Square Heroes” *
  3. “Margaret” *

* previously unreleased

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