Electric Man


2 disc DVD set including the film, trailer, bloopers, ‘Composing the Score’ Documentary and ‘When Sparks Flew’ – the Making of Electric Man.

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Jazz and Wolf are in financial dire straits, they need £5,000 to save their comic shop. So, when Issue 1 of Electric Man (worth £100,000) turns up in their shop, they think it’s the answer to their prayers. However, they’re not the only ones after it.

Enter mysterious femme fatale, Lauren, thuggish Uncle Jimmy and obsessed American comic collector Edison Bolt. Jazz and Wolf have to find out who really owns the comic and secure their money and in the process find out that not all heroes wear lycra.

The film has been BAFTA nominated for it’s script and score and played at film festivals all over the world as well as to a packed crowd at the Fish Convention in Leamington Spa. As well as starring Fish, the film features the Fish tracks Openwater and Arc of the Curve.

“Impressive debut” – GoGuide *****

“Fish has an entertaining role as Big Scary Man who is also after the comic. He is one of those people who seems more threatening the more quiet and passive he becomes and his prescen e helps the film considerably’ – What Culture?

“Really f**king funny” – Screened ****

“Destined for cult classic status” – Front Row Reviews ****

“A welcome break from British cinema’s regular doom and gloom. A quirky comedy gem” – Media Muppet

“Charmingly witty” – Screen International

“Indie film of the year so far” – Flicker Magazine

“An intelligent and well choreographed storyline” – Cinehouse

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