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Marillion // 1984

Fugazi is the second studio album by Marillion, released in 1984. Produced by Nick Tauber, it was recorded between November 1983 and February 1984 at various studios and was the first to feature drummer Ian Mosley, following the dismissal of the band’s original drummer Mick Pointer.

According to AllMusic, the album “streamlined the intricacies of the group’s prog rock leanings in favour of a more straight-ahead hard rock identity”. Built upon the success of its predecessor, Fugazi reached the UK Top 5 and went Gold.
Track #1 - Assassing
Track #2 - Punch & Judy
Track #3 - Jigsaw
Track #4 - Emerald Lies
Track #5 - She Chameleon
Track #6 - Incubus
Track #7 - Fugazi