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A Feast of Consequences

Solo Album // 2013

“I ended up in the Somme almost by accident as I was at a loss on what to do on my birthday. A good friend of mine, Simon Moston, a WW1 battlefield guide suggested I visit as I was in Paris after a Fishheads Club gig and had a couple of days to spare before the next one in the UK. I travelled to Beaumont Hamel and actually woke up on my birthday in a bed and breakfast place built on what was “no man’s land”. It later turned out that I had been sleeping just a few hundred metres away from where my maternal granddad, William Paterson, had built trenches while serving with the 8th Battalion Royal Scots back in 1916.

I also discovered I was staying on the night of my birthday in Arras where my paternal granddad had been stationed as RFC ground crew at the same time. Needless to say it was a coincidence of extraordinary proportions. During my trip I visited the High Wood, a scene of desperate battles over a 3 month period the same year. For some reason it had a profound effect on me and when I discovered weeks later that William Paterson had fought there and helped dig a trench system called “Thistle Alley” I knew I had to write about it.”


One of the most remarkably powerful pieces of music to be released under Fish’s name. A Feast of Consequences will be hailed as one of 2013’s most essential prog releases. PROG Magazine

Pessimistic and furious, the big man skewers celebrity culture, rues the state of the environment and looks back on relationships. But there are just warm-ups for the centrepiece, an epic suite tackling war and death. It’s good to have him back. Classic Rock Magazine
Track #1 - Perfume River
Track #2 - All Loved Up
Track #3 - Blind To The Beautiful
Track #4 - A Feast Of Consequences
Track #5 - High Wood
Track #6 - Crucifix Corner
Track #7 - The Gathering
Track #8 - Thistle Alley
Track #9 - The Leaving
Track #10 - The Other Side Of Me
Track #11 - The Great Unravelling