Tim Smith of the ‘Cardiacs’ needs our support


Some of you may remember the ‘Cardiacs’ supporting ‘Marillion’ in the early 80’s. I asked them to join us after seeing them play in a club in London and was blown away by their unique style of music.They had some tough gigs in front of our crowd but always stayed the distance and went for it every night turning heads and ears as they did so.

I couldn’t help but be impressed and especially by Tim who had an incredible charisma and infectious smile. I was so sad to hear of his illness after losing touch so many years ago.I was recently contacted with this new information on his health and his struggle to create new music despite his disability.I couldn’t help but be touched by his continuing perseverance and decided to broadcast this message.

If you want to help a great artist out and allow him to continue expressing himself in his unique way please check this out and if you can, please make a donation or buy something from the Cardiacs website https://www.cardiacs.net/ where you can check out just how wonderful the man and his band are.

You can find more information on Tim’s condition https://www.cardiacs.net/tim-smith-health-2018

Your help in any small way would be appreciated

many thanks