A right royal faux pas !


So looking forward to going to the Hydro in Glasgow to see ‘Queen’ tonight. Spike had organised VIP tickets and passes, car parking in the venue sorted, stepson excited about meeting up with the band, everything locked in.

Uncle Spike Edney

11 o’ clock last night I get a text from Spike “did you make it? Where are you?” Completely screwed up the dates. I had it in my mind for weeks their show was day before our rehearsals in Stirling and even marked it on the office board weeks ago.

Don’t worry I have my own itinerary mirror tattooed on my chest so I see it every morning when I go for a shower. Can’t believe I got that date wrong and now my brownie point box is well empty. On the road from Thursday so won’t get another chance as my own tour is following the guys around the UK now. DOH!!