Return from Durlach


ah well, back to the mountain removal and drama defusing business after a week on the balcony. Arrived home yesterday afternoon after a journey from Karlsruhe that zipped by so fast and fluid it was scary.

Plagued this time by third party intrusions from UK that I couldn’t ignore but still rallied a decent effort on “Perfume River” and got to grips with the missing sections of other demos that were playing constantly in the flat and making me feel I was achieving something special.

Great idea for a video for “Blind to the Beautiful”, worked out the “McGuffin” for a screenplay idea that’s been bugging me for a while and finished Pete Townshend’s autobiography which turned out to be quite inspiring in a lot of ways!

The research on “Perfume River” threw up some new ideas for approaches to discuss with Steve and Robin who arrive later today for a a week long writing session with Foss joining us for the “High Wood” assault.

Only downside ( and it’s a steep one!) is I have my pre op today for the big op on Saturday on my left hand. The carpel tunnel syndrome and the Duputyrens problem are both being dealt with which will mean no driving for 5 weeks and approx 9 weeks recovery. It shouldn’t affect the sessions that much but adjusting to one handed life around here will be a problem.

At least I have Steve and Robin around the first week to button my flies 🙂