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26 November 2018

Fish UK Shows – news


And so just under a week away until the first show in Newcastle next Sunday and the excitement mounts.Just to give you a heads up. I was at Easter Road at the weekend and bumped into a fan who wants to come to the Glasgow show but expres...

20 November 2018

Clutching at Straws Deluxe Mail out


The albums finally arrived yesterday and I’ve been scrawling away as you can see from the photo. We’re moving the first load out tomorrow and I’m sitting here in the control room waiting for the ‘cages’ from the post office tha...

19 September 2018

‘A Parley With Angels’ – News and FAQ’s


‘A Parley with Angels’ – news and FAQ’s all orders placed so far are in the post thanks to a very hardworking Simone and Elspeth here at the Studio. I’ll have this on the merch desk on tour as well as available here https://fishmusic.sco...

17 September 2018

Little Man What Now? Teaser


This was one of the first lyrics I completed for the ‘Weltschmerz’ album during a period of intense self-reflection while recovering from surgery last year. I was inspired by the 1933 novel of the same title by the famous German writ...

12 September 2018

New single ‘Man With A Stick’ released!


Listen to ‘Man With A Stick’, my brand new single! The ‘A Parley With Angels’ EP, released 21st September, is now available to pre-order here. “I was inspired to write this lyric after my father died in ...

6 September 2018

Clutching at Straws The 2018 Remaster


I’m proud and pleased to announce that the ‘Clutching at Straws’ remaster is finally available for pre order with the release date of November 23rd. As my favourite of all the albums I created with my former band it was always going to...

1 September 2018

New Lyric -‘Waverley Steps’


Vocals finished on the first 3 songs for the ‘Parley with Angels’ EP and Calum Malcolm loaded out from the Studio which returns to being a home until the next recording sessions in January. Really excited about hearing the final mixes ne...

31 August 2018

Touring- a view through a fish eye lens


The dates I have posted for this year are the only shows I am playing in Europe. Some of you have asked why not Italy? France? Spain? etc etc. The bottom line is that with band and crew wages,agency commission,local/national taxes, night...

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