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8 March 2019

The Royal Blog Ward 206


“The Royal Blog” – Ward 206 Monday 4th March The Studio – ‘South side of the Sky’ I was released last night but had to be back in for an outpatients appointment in the morning for yet more intraveinous anti biotics which I’ll be getting ...

17 February 2019

End of another Era – Elspeth Laidlaw Retires


On Friday another era came to an end when Elspeth Laidlaw retired from her position as office manageress and PA. It had been under discussion for quite a while but the timing had never been right until now. With my focus on family at thi...

5 February 2019

Gardeners Almanac Part 1


Seeking out the positive just now and preparing to sow the seed of fresh beginnings.The puzzling mosaic of garden planning. Waiting on a thaw and a few more degrees on a thermometer. Needing to refocus and become creatively distracted   ...

19 January 2019

Ted McKenna RIP


I just heard the tragic news today that my dear friend Ted McKenna passed away this morning. A fabulous musician and one of the all time greats who inspired so many rock drummers across generations he was a truly legendary stick man who ...

14 January 2019

Cruise to The Edge – Stormy waters


The stress levels generated from my fore mentioned domestic situation weren’t helped by the unfolding crisis with the ‘Cruise to the Edge’ set up. With the cruise being in international waters we were told there would be no necessity for...

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