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15 May 2019

Craigie Hill Festival 31st August


Just announced. I will be headlining Craigie Hill Festival near Perth on the 31st August. It’s my only Scottish show this year and I’m on in the evening for an hour long set. The venue is Craigie Hill Golf Club just to the South of Perth...

3 May 2019

Above the Weather


Forecast of -2 degrees this afternoon dropping to -3 middle of the night meant a stand to for the gardening company and a ‘fleeces on’ order going out. “Nair cast a cloot till May is oot” sprang to mind today. For our foreign readers tha...

23 April 2019

Moving out of the Trees


After so much ‘gardening leave’ it’s time to get back to the ‘day job’. There’s been a lot of ill founded rumours about my health in recent months and I think it’s time to dispell them with a few announcements of upcoming engagements and...

1 April 2019

Getting Back in the Saddle


Since events at the farm earlier in the week got me thinking and excited about my prospects I am today taking delivery of a racehorse from Kilearney stables . I’ve decided it’s time in my life to try something different and so I am embar...

8 March 2019

The Royal Blog Ward 206


“The Royal Blog” – Ward 206 Monday 4th March The Studio – ‘South side of the Sky’ I was released last night but had to be back in for an outpatients appointment in the morning for yet more intraveinous anti biotics which I’ll be getting ...

17 February 2019

End of another Era – Elspeth Laidlaw Retires


On Friday another era came to an end when Elspeth Laidlaw retired from her position as office manageress and PA. It had been under discussion for quite a while but the timing had never been right until now. With my focus on family at thi...

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