New single ‘Man With A Stick’ released!

Rob SkarinNews

Listen to ‘Man With A Stick’, my brand new single!

The ‘A Parley With Angels’ EP, released 21st September, is now available to pre-order here.

“I was inspired to write this lyric after my father died in May 2016. He was a strong, proud, well-respected man who, like most of us, found growing old difficult.

When he reached his mid 80’s he was becoming a shadow of his former self and in the last few months of his life he relied more and more on his trusty walking stick to get around.

After he left us I found it hard to look at any old men walking with a stick. I started to think about our relationships with sticks in our lives and how they go from being associated with fun and play to becoming something more sinister and symbols of power eventually supporting us as our strength weakens and old age takes its toll.”