Little Man What Now? Teaser

Rob SkarinNews

This was one of the first lyrics I completed for the ‘Weltschmerz’ album during a period of intense self-reflection while recovering from surgery last year. I was inspired by the 1933 novel of the same title by the famous German writer Hans Fallada which was written about a young couple desperately trying to survive the harsh economic depression at that time in a society that was raging and in turmoil. I applied my own take and created my own ‘Little Man’ who was struggling to come to terms with his life; the heartaches, betrayals, the constant battle against his own inner demons and inherent weaknesses that seem to take him down at every turn. It’s about an eternal fight in which he refuses to surrender in but questions his involvement every day. I wanted a broody dark atmosphere in the song that suggested 1930’s Germany and the addition of Egbert Derix’s string arrangement together with David Jackson’s magnificent saxophone performance provided a cinematic feel that fitted perfectly with what co-writers Steve Vantsis and Robin Boult and producer Calum Malcolm and I had envisaged. It’s my favourite song on ‘Weltschmerz’ so far.

‘Little Man What Now?’ will be released in full this Friday (21st September) as part of the ‘A Parley With Angels’ EP, more details here.