Edinburgh, Liverpool and Leamington Shows – September 2018



“On the 10th December 2017 I played a show at Leamington Assembly Hall. At the time I had a difficult decision to make as severe weather conditions were affecting the area mainly to the east of the venue and travel was in some places treacherous. My band, crew and I had made the difficult journey down from Manchester and had arrived at the hall to set up for the gig. I knew that there would be fans making the effort to get there and rather than cancel the show I made the decision to perform on the night. 600 people braved the elements and turned up for the gig while 400 fans were unable to attend because of the heavy snows. I decided later that night together with the promoter and the venue management that I would return at a later date and perform another show as a goodwill gesture with the 400 non attendees given the opportunity to exchange their unused tickets from December for the new show. “

The Leamington Assembly Hall show is now scheduled for Monday September 24th. There is a deadline of March 1st to contact the promoter to register your unused tickets from the December 2017 show and details on how to contact and gain entry to the September date are supplied below. Once the non attendees from December are registered the remaining 600 tickets will be made available to the general public for sale on March 2nd together with tickets for another 2 shows on September 22nd at Edinburgh Queens Hall and 23rd Liverpool O2 Academy.

These 3 shows are immediately before Fish sets out to start the European tour which will take me through to mid November with further UK shows scheduled in December and announced in the next week.

The set list for the tour will include the entire ‘Clutching at Straws’ album and songs from the new ‘Weltschmerz’ album scheduled for release mid September.

Fish is currently in his studio in Scotland writing with long time collaborator Steve Vantsis and other musicians with recording for ‘Weltschmerz’ planned for the summer. The album will be produced by Calum Malcolm.

Fish is also working on the remasters of his solo catalogue having just released ‘Songs from the Mirror’ and ‘Suits’ the latest in the lavishly packaged series all available on his new website fishmusic.scot where fans can find tour merchandise and other information including up to date news and blogs from this consummate and maverick artist.

LEAMINGTON INFO – from the promoter


they should enter details of
and in the enquiry box
name of ticket agent they originally purchased from
number of tickets purchased
booking ref

We need this info so we can cross check that the tickets were not used on Dec 10th and they need to do this by 1st March
Once checked they will get an e- mail confirming their names will be left on the door on Monday 24th Sept and they will need to bring a copy of that e- mail with them on the night.