‘Cruise to the Edge’ February 2019 and potential North American dates


I have just confirmed that I will be playing on the ‘Cruise to the Edge’ February 4th -9th 2019. To be honest I’m very excited at the opportunity as not only will it be my first ever sea cruise but I’ll be on a ship with some old friends I’ve not seen for quite a while including ‘Yes’, ‘PFM’, Mike Portnoy, Steve Hackett, Pendragon, John Mitchell and others. It promises to be quite a voyage and I’ll be playing 2 electric sets plus an acoustic informal set and a Q and A session as well as a possible ‘premium event’. You can get some more information here¬† http://cruisetotheedge.com/

As I am flying over to the United States with band and crew for the first time since 2008 my American agent Larry Webman is exploring the potential of setting up more dates in North America and putting together a tour after the cruise finishes. It is as always all dependent on viable offers from promoters and we will have to negotiate the maze of bureaucracy that is part of setting up shows and a tour over there. We are confident we can make something happen and Larry has been waiting on this opportunity for a long time.

Costs and risks are enormous and a North America tour is a huge undertaking for me that will require a lot of support on the ground from fans to make sure it all works out. Larry is a great agent and will be concentrating on markets where he knows we have a chance of making the numbers work. He is well aware of the cities that offer the most opportunities so please don’t post asking “what about (fill in blank)?” as he is on the case and we can’t play everywhere as I don’t have the resources. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can pull this off. It’s going to be a challenge.