“A Feast of Consequences” lyric


Feast of consequences I tear a page from the book of faces, Throw your letters in an open fire, I couldn’t say that I still despise you But I’m finding it hard to not to After all that was said not done it’s time this thing was over Did I want you to change your mind I don’t honestly think … Read More

Return from Durlach


ah well, back to the mountain removal and drama defusing business after a week on the balcony. Arrived home yesterday afternoon after a journey from Karlsruhe that zipped by so fast and fluid it was scary. Plagued this time by third party intrusions from UK that I couldn’t ignore but still rallied a decent effort on “Perfume River” and got … Read More

The Moveable Feast, European Tour Autumn 2013


Just announced , the September/October/November 2013 tour dates.                         http://fishheadsclub.com/live-fish/ Apart from 4 or so more dates to be added to make up our journey back to the UK and the drop of at home this is the only touring this year and the last touring of this consecutive nature for a while. Please don’t ask “if we can play here/there” … Read More

Fish in the Think Tank, a way forward


  A fine weekend brainstorming with Rob Ayling ( my project advisor and coordinator) and John Reid ( My web site designer and administrator ) going over options and ideas for the future. High on the list was the downloads question and we are looking at instigating the following – all studio albums will be available from “mainline” sites via … Read More

Planting the High Wood


Decent day today despite the occasional intrusion of the odd crisis requiring calm management. Foss finally arrived, yours truly still in a dressing gown after 2 hours ensconced behind a monitor screen playing ping pong on e mails, fielding calls and texts and a surprise drop in from my parents. Something quite bohemian and seemingly relatively eccentric to herald a … Read More



  I’m sitting here in the control room listening to the rough mixes of the Saturday night performance at the Leamington Spa convention last year while contemplating the May touring figures in the UK. Many of you were interested and surprised at the last blog regarding the state of the music industry with regards to distribution and my survival ideas. … Read More

View from the Balcony


I just missed the dawn by a few minutes and rather it being a guilty reminder of excesses it was surprisingly from the correct side. Thoughts had been whirring away in the half sleep of early morning, spurred into action by the klaxon wailing out of the iPhone that had roused my girlfriend from my arms and into a shower. … Read More

Not the End of the World


It’s been an eerie last few weeks. The virus that took me out just after Leamington persisted for over a month and refused to give me my voice back. I traveled to Germany to visit my girlfriend carrying with me the up to date demos that Steve Vantsis had burned off at the end of a week long session that … Read More

Leamington Spa Fishheads Convention 2012 – Part 3

FishBlog, News

The breakfast room looked like a casualty clearing station. I wasn’t too bad and Simone and I sat down with Mickey and Sarah for our first breakfast together in a very long time. The other tables were scattered with band, crew and friends, most in distressed states like Muppets in a blender. I was glad I’d kept it toned down … Read More