Derby Film and Set Link and Convention News

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As well as the photo shoot and interview with Taz yesterday there were smatterings of con jointed work which seemed at times like trying to play ping pong with butterflies blindfolded. Emails keep pinging out into the ether and I am starting to think I am like the Omega Man sometimes and there’s no one else out there! Did finally … Read More

Fishheads Club website and Fish TV

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John Reid arrived late Friday night for a weekend of techy talk and web site advancement, our first meet since we came up with the idea at the end of January,where we could physically go through some of the procedures I need to learn to be more hands on and contribute more to the site than I have been able … Read More

The World of Fish


A hearty thanks for all your birthday wishes the other day! It was quite humbling and really warming to receive so many messages and to know there’s a fine Company out there! Proud to be part of it all! Slipped on the “not drinking” routine and toasted my family across the ages with a rather luxurious red just after midnight … Read More

IATEFL Plenary Speech

FishBlog, Gigs, News and interview for the British Council Just back from Glasgow to discover kitchen had moved forward by leaps but the bounds were hampered by late arrival of sink .I have hot water and central heating but will be washing the plates and dishes in the bath tonight.It will be a night to chill with a big smile as … Read More

IATEFL Convebntion Glasgow SEC 23rd March live stream


I am delivering the plenary speech at the IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language )convention.It’s a talk and Fishheads acoustic performance of a few numbers in a 45 minute set and will be broadcast live on The subject matter of the talk is how lyrics have helped teach students English as a foreign language … Read More

Planet Rock and Company Convention 2012


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  Dear all Ok let’s start the day off with a biggie! Bit like on the film “UP” when someone shouts “Squirrel!!!”. After talking with Trevor White at Planet Rock it is now looking highly likely I’ll be back on the station with a new series of programmes in June/July and August.Details have still to be worked out but the … Read More

Fishheads Club launch page with sign up competitiion


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Hi all, Well things move forward apace! The Fishheads Club web site is gathering momentum and the launch site is now up with a competition that may interest you! 🙂 There’s an exclusive opportunity to win a pair of invitations to a distinctly special event. Go to and sign up for a chance of winning and to get updates … Read More

Proposed reissues of the Solo Catalogue

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Dear All, This is still in discussion and totally dependent on finances as it’s a big investment in titles that may or may not provide returns.I have been in contact with my old friend and producer Chris Kimsey and we are examining the possibilities of remixing and remastering “Raingods With Zippos”, “Fellini Days” and possibly “Field of Crows” as part … Read More