Leamington Spa Fishheads Convention 2012 – Part 3

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The breakfast room looked like a casualty clearing station. I wasn’t too bad and Simone and I sat down with Mickey and Sarah for our first breakfast together in a very long time. The other tables were scattered with band, crew and friends, most in distressed states like Muppets in a blender. I was glad I’d kept it toned down … Read More

Leamington Spa Fishheads Convention 2012 – Part 2

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Outside my bedroom window I heard familiar voices. Dave Barras and Scott Mackay, the director and writers of “Electric Man” were unloading a similarly  familiar vehicle, the pick up truck I’d driven as “Uncle Jimmy” in the movie and which belonged to Scott. It was a wreck then and hadn’t improved with age. An exchange of haranguing and  “witty banter” … Read More

Leamington Spa Fishheads Convention 2012 – Part 1

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Just after 9am on Friday we passed through Galashiels in the packed estate car and descended into mist where the A7 skirted the river Tweed. The market square with my lyrics to “Kayleigh” carved in cold damp limestone behind us and perhaps an omen missed as Elspeth and I headed South towards the border. Shaun was driving the “clown carrier” … Read More

Threatening Marketing INC

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Fishheads Club DVD will be here for posting out on the 17th October. The 2 new T shirts (Leamington Spa Convention and the first “Feast of Consequences” T shirt) are now up for sale on the Fish Shop web site at Fishheads Club DVD will be here for posting out on the 17th October.

Daleks, Merch and Convention

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The “Daleks” are as pointed out extractor fans from the flat roof at the back of the house. They were used when it was a fully functioning commercial studio to move fresh air around the building and into the booths on the North side of the building. They had brick surrounds as when we opened up the place to record … Read More

Fishheads Club Live DVD


    The Fishheads Club Live DVD will be ready for the convention and on sale here in the next 2 weeks. I have decided to keep the price as low as I could given the present circumstances and balancing that against the production/recording costs. It will be priced at £24.99 inc VAT for a double DVD with close to … Read More

Feast Schedules

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Big rocks moving this week and can see a chink of blue from within the cave I have been in for too long and which has not been a healthy space as I was really feeling the pressure. To be honest I took on far too much and was finding it too hard to break down the mountains as more … Read More

Fishheads Acoustic Gig Fundraiser

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The Fishheads acoustic gig at St Mary’s Church on Friday is still on as that area is unaffected and as the Tyne “empties” quickly there will be no problems and no canoes or arks required. You won’t need wellies:-) Meeting pre and post gig at the Tyneside tavern and on Saturday at 2pm Paul Kinnoch is providing a complimentary BBQ … Read More