Proposed reissues of the Solo Catalogue

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Dear All, This is still in discussion and totally dependent on finances as it’s a big investment in titles that may or may not provide returns.I have been in contact with my old friend and producer Chris Kimsey and we are examining the possibilities of remixing and remastering “Raingods With Zippos”, “Fellini Days” and possibly “Field of Crows” as part … Read More

A Feast of Consequences – the plan

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I have already began scribbling notes and forming crystals in the writing of “Feast Of Consequences” On Monday Calum Malcolm committed to the album and to be honest he is as excited as me about the concept and direction I discussed with him.In order to fit in with his demanding schedule and to give him a decent window and me … Read More

The Fishheads Project


Dear all, The Fishheads project, as I said in the previous post,is a massive one. Calum Malcolm will be mixing the multi track recordings and mastering the other high bit rate stereo recordings and the DVD soundtracks. A meeting with Rob Ayling from my distributors has thrown up quite a few ideas we are costing out so we can deliver … Read More

Script for a Jester’s Tear reissue on 180 gramme vinyl

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Dear all, Just to let you know that the brand new EMI records re release of “Script for a Jester’s Tear” will be available from the mail order on my web site as a 180g heavy weight vinyl, gatefold sleeve,accompanied by a 12″ x 12″ art print with full original track listing as the remastered version from 1997 on … Read More