Answers to Merchandise Questions 29/11/17


Just to clear up some confusion some of you may have.

The sweat shirt I’m wearing here comes in sizes up to and including 2XL

The Blue ‘Glass’ T shirt and the charcoal grey ‘Clutching bar’ T print comes in sizes up to and including 2XL. The black versions of the ‘Glass’ and the ‘bar’ print are available in 3XL upwards.The colours are not available above 2XL.The black shirts are not available in smaller sizes.

The currency converter kicks in at check out which is why they aren’t displayed in euros, dollars etc on the items.

All items are available worldwide.

In answer to some of your questions on the FB page. Yes the new remasters and all the new shirts will be available on the UK tour merch stand in December. We will also be carrying the other remasters., ‘Feast’ and ‘Misplaced Childhood’ vinyls, new black quality beanies with the ‘old’ round Fish logo in white embroidery on black, the flags/fabric posters of the ‘Clutching bar’ print. The XXL shirts plus sizes will be in short supply so I suggest if you want them order from the mail order store to avoid disappointment.

Yes the vinyls will be autographed but I can’t promise I will be able to hang around and sign after shows and if I do please do not come anywhere near me if you have a bug

Please also be aware that some venue have strict policies these days on carrying bags into the venues so don’t bring along album collections etc unless you want to hang around after show waiting to pick them up from security. Just a heads up as I know some people at other gigs have had problems.