The life of a Script


Absolutely blown away at the reception and all the comments to the “Script” posts. The feedback took me completely by surprise. I did a couple of interviews in the last days and the event and album were glowingly mentioned.It’s difficult to relate my feelings in this instance.

One interview was with Rachel Mann from The Quietus website and was based around my favourite 13 albums of all time. I was rattling on about all these albums and songs that had such a huge impact on me when I was a teenager and what they meant to me.

At the end of the interview Rachel went on to declare her admiration for the Script album and how it had affected her back in her youth. I never ever thought at the time of writing and recording those songs on Script with the others that they would have the same effect on people as “Selling England”, “Quadrophenia”, “Hejira” or “Fragile” had on me as a teenager.

As I said to Rachel , with regard to the music business ,I always felt like the fan who had sneaked into the backstage area and was waiting to be caught and thrown out! 🙂

I am sincerely touched and the teenager still inside is quite proud that I managed to help create an album that touched people in the same way that other albums touched me and that I could give something back to the generation that followed and contribute to the chain of music and feeling that threads through the ages.

The 16 year old that came out of his first gig with ears ringing after seeing “Yes” at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh and who listened with awe to “dark side” on his ITT stereo would never have believed what his future would hold and that the dream would actually come true! 🙂

And today I am working in my house and studio on the 14th album I’ve been involved with writing and recording.

Foss, Steve, Robin and I are finishing of the writing and with a fair wind and some focused effort “A Feast of Consequences” should be ready for full demoing in April and in rehearsals for the UK tour in May.

Having listened again to the Leamington Spa convention setlists and the clip that was posted of “Script” the other day we decided that it has to be included in the May set.

I just want to say a huge thanks for all the positive and beautiful comments in the last couple of days and for the memories you brought back to us all.

I should have mentioned someone else who had a profound influence on my writing in those days. She would have smiled at the recollections as she was such a huge part of my life back then.

This is for Kay x